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Ben Kepes is a technology evangelist, an investor, a commentator and a business adviser. His business interests include a diverse range of industries from manufacturing to property to technology. As a technology commentator he has a broad presence both in the traditional media and extensively online. Ben covers the convergence of technology, mobile, ubiquity and agility, all enabled by the Cloud. His areas of interest extend to enterprise software, software integration, financial/accounting software, platforms and infrastructure as well as articulating technology simply for everyday users.

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4 responses to “It’s All About Conversion…. Well Conversion and Retention”

  1. dahowlett

    Compete is notoriously inaccurate but that aside – I can’t see how you’re getting to $1 mill. Do you have an extrapolated growth table based on best fit? The best I can manage assuming the last 2 months is something around $300-400k

  2. Zoli Erdos

    I am baffled by the free > paid conversion ratio, when the industry average is in the (low) single digit range. I really would like to know what the “secret sauce” is 🙂

  3. Alan Smith

    Hi Zoli:

    Obviously every company wants to keep their secret sauce to themselves as it directly relates to their competitive advantage.

    I will say that conversion ratio’s for trial to paid in my experience are the result of 5 factors.

    1 – How niche you product is.

    2 – How big of a problem you are solving for that niche.

    3 – How quickly a user can learn your product.

    4 – The level of free support you give to your trial users.

    5 – How well you are targeting your web traffic through marketing efforts. (The more broad your marketing on driving traffic to your web page the lower your conversion ratios will be.)

    Balance those and you will have as good of conversion as you can for your product , market, and industry.

    Alan Smith – CEO – Oprius

  4. Alan Smith

    Ok well we have proven number 5 to be true. After all the press that posting our conversion stats got us it quadrupled our web traffic for last week and drove down our web traffic conversion stats because the people coming were interesting int he company no the product.

    Happy I could prove my own ideas for you.