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Director, OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat. Founder of Rishidot Research, a research community focused on services world. His focus is on Platform Services, Infrastructure and the role of Open Source in the services era. Krish has been writing @ CloudAve from its inception and had also been part of GigaOm Pro Analyst Group. The opinions expressed here are his own and are neither representative of his employer, Red Hat, nor CloudAve, nor its sponsors.

5 responses to “PaaS, Trusting Beyond Its Initial Hype”

  1. Alain Yap

    It is unfortunate but understandable [despite plenty of warnings] that it will take such a scenario as Coghead’s demise to drive home the point of the risks of choosing proprietary solutions, Krishnan.

    Without discounting the help offered to the Coghead refugees, it has become obvious that there will be more roadblocks towards widespread enterprise adoption given more incidents like this. If this continues, expect more major players – those with tons of cash to spare, to ‘perpetuate’ their reign even as small, innovative ‘cloud’ players struggle.

    With fingers crossed, hope that wouldn’t be the case.

    Alain Yap
    Morph Labs

  2. saasmania

    There is another solution. Give the platform for installing in-house. For instance, with or, you can use paas or install their server in house.

  3. John

    A new twist in the Coghead “lockin” saga: automated coghead application migration from Wolf Frameworks. Read more: