5 responses to “Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive; maybe they’re not apples after all?”

  1. Gilbert Pilz

    I think you may be overlooking a simple but significant factor; Dropbox just works. I don’t have any direct experience with SkyDrive, but past experiences with Briefcase and other Microsoft attempts to address simple synchronization leave me gun-shy. Meanwhile iTunes on Windows continues to be a frustrating exercise in random hangs and other strange behavior. Once I starting using Dropbox I had that feeling you get when someone gets a product right – “this is how it should have worked all along”. This seemlessness aspect is particularly important for this particular set of use cases. If I have to futz around with my synchronization to get it to work, I may just as well use ftp or whatever.

    1. Paul Miller


      I completely agree that the simplicity, reliability, and *invisibility* of the Dropbox experience was key to their early and continued success. It really does just work, and that’s great.

      However, Dropbox’s competitors have learned that same lesson. File synchronisation with Drive, SkyDrive and others is as simple, and as reliable.

      That’s good for all of us, but it’s no longer a differentiator.

  2. Lily

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