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Co-Founder and CEO of EchoSign from inception through tens of millions in cash-flow positive SaaS revenue and acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc. Jason then served as Vice President, Web Services at Adobe, where EchoSign was named the most successful acquisition of 2011-12, posting 199% YoY growth.

3 responses to “Don’t Hire CEOs, Architects, Gamers, or Dualies”

  1. Dean Hill

    I think you are looking at this in completely the wrong way. Hiring people is about looking for the right people, regardless of the title/position. If you look at my title, it says “Software Architect”. Nothing you have said about architects is even close to me. I know have indicated that there are exceptions but it’s filters like this that can cause more problem than they are worth. I have been a Development and Analyst Manager before but I chose to move back to Software Development and Architecture for a very important reason. I am looking to work overseas and a very strong technical person is far more attractive than a manager. By almost ruling out certain groups of people based on their title you potentially rule out that “perfect” employee that you have been hunting for. As you said in a previous blog, a bad hire can effect business. The last thing you want to do is rule out potential good ones because of a title. As Eric Herrenkohl said “Sometimes when you meet the right people, you hire them first and then find a position for them.”. Any rules that you make to restrict who you hire have the potential of filtering out these “right people”.