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21 responses to “Ma.Gnolia Data Loss, What Have We Learned?”

  1. stef

    this is meant to be about magnolia data loss and instead its another list of “my fav 2.0 apps” yaaaaawn

  2. dlmutart

    Picasa now has synch

  3. Zoli Erdos

    @Dlmutart, true, thanks for mentioning it. Of course Picasa only syncs to Picasaweb, which is reasonable – but the 1G storage limit is not. The paid storage levels are simply not competitive with Flickr’s Pro account, so for now I’ve stayed with Flickr.

  4. redcrewster

    How do you synch your Gmail account to Zoho mail? I have gmail for domains, and haven’t figured out how to configure Zoho to backup Gmail? I searched your other post, and found a reference to the steps, but couldn’t figure out how to back up the folders. There’s no reference in the Gmail settings page to folders.

  5. Krishnan Subramanian

    @redcrewster There is a workaround if you want to backup all mails coming from now onwards. Just setup a forwarder in your Google Apps account to send the mail to Zoho Mail. All the mails you receive from now will be there too.

  6. Zoli Erdos

    I actually do a bit more – the problem with forwarding is that it only takes care of email you receive, but what happens to sent mail?

    I set up the Gmail (Google Apps mail) account in Zoho Mail as follows:;; user = On the Gmail side POP is enabled and email is left in the Inbox after processing.

    With this setup Zoho will fetch ALL my email from Google, including SENT mail. The problem with this setup would normally be that sent mail ends up in the inbox, so in Zoho I set up a filter where IF Sender = my name, MOVE to SENT folder.

    Now my Zoho and Google mail is always in sync, no matter which app I use to send / receive. The only thing missing is mapping the Gmail labels (folders). There is no automated way, but in Gmail I mostly use labels in connection with filters, so the workaround is setting up identical filters with the same criteria in Zoho.

    Btw, the same applies to backing up your Gmail to another Gmail account: you still have to recreate the filters / labels in the receiving account.

  7. Krishnan Subramanian

    Yeah. I forgot about the sent mail. What will happen if we setup two filters in gmail (or Google Apps mail). One will take our google email in from and forward it to Zoho and other will take our google email in to and forward it to zoho. This way, you can have both sent mail and incoming mail immediately at zoho without waiting for POP to go and fetch from Google mail. Then your filtering can be used to sort within Zoho. I would prefer an easier option though. Cloud Interoperability is the keyword here.

  8. Ben Kepes

    Zoli/Krish – just listen to yourselves 😉

    It should work like this…. log in to gmail, copy a unique code from within setttings. Log into Zoho mail and click “integrate with gmail” and paste in the code – all mail past, current and future should be synced along with all folders, filters, labels etc

    Forget the reality and envisage the ideal….

  9. Krishnan Subramanian

    Ben, Amen. Thatz why I finished my comment with the sentence “Cloud Interoperability is the keyword here”. In fact, we should be able to do it without going through the process of copying and pasting the code. A much deeper integration is the need of the hour.

  10. Zoli Erdos

    @Krish – yes, you can use forwarding, but it’s passive, one-way, whereas with my setup I was able to switch to Zoho Mail as the primary app when Gmail became Oopsmail, and still remain in sync.

    @Ben -“Forget the reality and envisage the ideal.”  Nice… but while you wait for your ideal, a few practical steps (convenient or not) help users save their data now – in today’s reality.

  11. redcrewster


    Thanks for the info, that’s exactly what I was looking for! I’m a magnolia user, who has lost her bookmarks, unfortunately without any backup. This week I’m working toward ensuring all my other apps/info in the cloud are backed up.

  12. redcrewster

    OK, I’m lost. When you say “I set up the Gmail (Google Apps mail) account in Zoho Mail as follows:;; user =”, where are you doing that? I’m logged into my zoho account, but see nothing in settings for configuring pop or smtp servers.

  13. info_lireo

    Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck getting Zoho setup to backup my gmail for domains email account. I’ve logged into Zoho mail, selected Mail Settings > Common Settings > Mail Accounts and selected “Add Mail Account”. After entering my username, password, and incoming and outgoing servers, I click “Save” and the message “Creating Email Account” displays for several minutes, then a “Read timed out” message displays. I’ve tried it over six times in both Firefox and Opera under Vista. No luck. Suggestions? Or can you point me to specific instructions on the Zoho site that explain the settings for a “gmail for domains” account. Specifically what specifically is expectd in the “username” and “email id” fields. Do the port numbers for the incoming and outgoing servers need to change?

  14. Zoli Erdos

    @redcrewster, @info_lireo has just described the steps, although apparently he ran into some trouble. Wow, this post is turning into a Mail backup thread … bear with me a little, I am getting you help from the Zoho Team.

  15. info_lireo

    My Zoho account is backing up my Gmail account,
    but I can’t get the folders set up. I’ve set up
    the filter to move items to the “Send” folder in
    Zoho, but the Sent folder is empty.

    1. What am I missing to get the my existing
    folders backed up in Zoho?
    2. Is there an additional step for the filter
    I’ve set for moving “sent messages” to the “Sent”

  16. Zoli Erdos

    @info_lireo, for the filter to move mail to the Sent folder, use youe name label, not the email address. My setup:
    Sender Is Zoli Erdos
    Sender Is Zoltan Erdos

    use either condition

    Move to Sent

    Set to Read

    Does this help?