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Technology, Design, and Innovation strategist at the Office of the CEO, SAP,  focusing on technology and architecture strategy and strategic operational, product, and management innovation.  Adjunct faculty at Santa Clara University and San Jose State University with the department of computer engineering teaching graduate classes.  Frequent speaker at conferences, special events, Chirag blogs at Cloud Computing.

One response to “A Journey From SQL to NoSQL to NewSQL”

  1. Cary Breese

    A very nice summary of where the market is right now and most likely heading. There can be little debate, enterprises want their SQL. Independence of consistency model is something that has to come in order to balance scaling and performance in distributed environments, particularly if widely distributed or geo-distributed. Users are demanding increasing levels of availability and response time, and the only way to serve those needs is through multi-datacenter, multi-region and multi-cloud distribution – to accomplish this in a SQL (e.g., MySQL) package is a win for everyone.

    -Cary Breese, CEO, GenieDB