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VP Enterprise Marketing for PBworks,  first investor in and previously interim CEO of Ustream.TV.  Chris is an active angel investor and the founder and Chairman of the Harvard Business School Technology Alumni Association (HBSTECH). Chris earned two degrees from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His personal blogs are Adventures in Capitalism and Ask the Harvard MBA.

2 responses to “Is Enterprise 2.0 Just A Toy?”

  1. kinlane

    I think everything 2.0 is just to volatile and fast moving to lock down for enterprise. They are big dinosaurs and can’t move fast enough.

    I manage events for SAP and they like to talk about social media, Google Wave, collaboration, Twitter, etc.

    But its tough to get big budgets and movement.

  2. Nathan Kontny

    I think the biggest shame though is that Enterprise 2.0 is an “IT department initiative”. Enterprise 2.0 just like Web 2.0 isn’t really about the technology. Web 2.0 was bout figuring out that 2 dudes in a garage could create a completely viable business without a shitload of VC money. Likewise Enterprise 2.0 should be about realizing your employees could kick a lot of ass if you just get out of their way. Yes eventually there are tools to make that more efficient, but if your organization is still very much about passing rules and objectives from “on high” to the worker bees without giving them time and space to make a real difference you’re wasting your time on tools.

    It’s like adding website analytics to your business but you don’t even have a website.