New Media Douchebags

With a hat tip to Julian I present to you the unofficial treatise on new media douchebags;

The theory goes that there are a bunch of Gen Y kids calling themselves such high falutin titles as new media consultant or social media agent that pretty much do little other than tweet, poke, throw sheep and other such “in the know” tasks. Most would seem to be “trustafarians”, have an exceptionally low cost of living or been able to pull the wool over the eyes of some unsuspecting benefactor somewhere.

As Julian so succinctly puts it, those of us who (shock horror) belong to Generation X have seen ‘real’ New Media talented developers and designers, and can really understand why they get peeved to have their role name hijacked by tech newbies.

Along with Julian I’m a new media cohort – I hang out on Twitter, blog, FaceBook and LinkedIn. However, and this is the differentiator that removes the word douchebag – I don’t purport to make money from any of that stuff – I have a real job with a real business that actually makes physical stuff. My social media experimentation is for my own personal enjoyment and edification, and if I get the odd trip, free lunch or cool T-shrt out of it, that’s a nice bonus on the side.

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