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2x startup Founder & CEO who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. His first company, BuildOnline was sold in 2005, his second, Koral was acquired by and became known as Salesforce Content, while Mark served as VP Product Management. In 2007 Mark joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner.  He focuses on early-stage technology companies, usually looking at Series A investment, and blogs at the aptly titled Both Sides of the Table.

16 responses to “How Many Times Should You Tweet Your Blog Post?”

  1. Simon Sanders

    Re using different tweets as bait to get click throughs is a bit like trying different chat up lines on the same girl. Give it your best shot as a one-liner sure, but maybe better to work harder at the conversation.

    That said, I think re-posting same content at different times is okay. A good tv show / song / book / film deserves a second airing so why not your tweet if it links to good content and migth reach an audience who would otherwise miss it.

    btw – do you also reschedule second / repeat tweets of other people’s content – or just your own?

  2. HansvanHutten

    Two tweets are fine for me. Four tweets are a bit annoying.

  3. Ryan McCormack

    Good post. I remember seeing Guy Kawasaki say the same thing, and I had a similar reaction. After some thought, I came to similar conclusions with similar strategies.

    One other thing to consider here: network effects. Many people will see your tweets via retweet (or mention), either because they miss your tweet or because they don’t follow you. When you tweet your post multiple times, it increases the likelihood that people in extended networks will see it.

  4. Mary Pat Whaley

    You read my head! To date I have only been tweeting a post once – right after I write it, which is usually 8 or 9 at night EST. I feel like it gets lost, but I’ve never wanted to push it more than that for fear of driving people away from, instead of to my blog.

    I think your points are well taken and I plan to increase my tweeting – hopefully in a very tasteful way.

    Thank you,
    Mary Pat

  5. James Castellano

    My thought is multiple tweets with varying text is necessary until we achieve critical mass. Which in this case means we get massive traffic to our blogs everyday without any promotion.

  6. Peter P

    I use Twitter as a form of RSS.

    Many of the people I follow, tweet their posts once a day at around 7am EST. By the time I get up in California and get my laptop running, those tweets are ancient history. I’ve probably had 300-400 tweets come in since then.

    If they don’t tweet their post again that day, I simply won’t see it.

    I have had it commented to me that since I am fairly active on Twitter (20 or more tweets a day) , if I don’t tweet my posts more than once, they will get lost in the stream of my own tweets.

    I guess it depends a lot on how you use twitter, but I get frustrated when people ask if I’ve seen a tweet they sent 4 hours before I even get up!

    I tweet 3 times a day and use different text. I get the biggest response from my morning and evening posts – but also get a fair response from the lunchtime post.

    Good post. Thanks!

  7. Rachel

    I found this post through a couple of retweets. I don’t mind people tweeting a blog post several times a day. It makes sense – I was in a convo with a friend yesterday and she missed a tweet I had sent just a few minutes prior!

    What is really annoying is the people who use their twitter account as an RSS feed – where the only thing you see from them is a post link. I also get annoyed when people send out three tweets in a row from their post.

    Sometimes, I like when people use different lines from their post, but sometimes it annoys me. That’s why I like tweet deck – it gives you a preview of the long url so I can see the link name and don’t have to waste time visiting the blog again and again.

  8. Twitter_Tips

    You need to study your users and time zones if you want to repeat tweets.

    We always preface repeated tweets with “r/t ” and tell anyone who complains of a retweeted tweet to simply avoid those.

    Repeating 5-8 of the most popular tweets ONCE each day get about 150,000 additional clicks via our @Twitter_Tips account.

    About twice a year we will repeat very popular tweets as well, making the total repetition four times over the course of a year. Obviously this will not work for more topical content.

  9. pslinkard

    One tweet and one tweet only please.

  10. twitter usage statistics

    I think your whole point is proved by me finding your post.

    My twitter app has been collecting and sharing twitter usage statistics for a while now. I have found I get the best response from sharing links comes when I share something right before the peak times of usage. Here’s my hypothesis: if you show up in someone’s timeline right before the swarm of tweet you don’t get lost in the stream.

    Mytheory seems to work well, but I your post has inspired me to test it objectively.

  11. Jack

    I’m also doing 4 tweets on my daily posts. Sometimes, if post is more popular than usual, 5 tweets. More than 5 tweets a day can be really annoying. At least for me.

  12. Guy Kawasaki

    I think that multiple tweets to the same landing page but with different text is a huge mistake. After a while, people will wonder, “Did I already click on this? It sounds familiar.”

    By keeping them identical except for URL, you don’t confuse people. They will “know” they already clicked and shouldn’t click again.

    If you change up the text, they will be confused, go to the same story twice, and never trust your tweets again.

  13. Mark Suster

    Guy is right and I’m reluctant to change the text because somebody might get fooled into clicking twice thinking it’s a different story. Lately I’ve taken to writing a slightly different Tweet but saying something like “Last night’s post” or “Weekend post” and then the same Tweet text. But I always try to make it clear it was the original post.

  14. meditationguru

    twice is enough , i tweet quotes and in intervals tweet my old post.

  15. smakram

    I think it depends how many followers you have and how often ppl check their tweets. More than once can be OK sometimes as ppl who check daily may check at different times in the day. I probably wouldn’t tweet the same blog post on different days as it is generally expected to be a different blog.
    I’m @DualVitality and have just tweeted your blog post. Feel free to comment on mine as I tweet them, thanks!

  16. Adam Ladolce

    Great post! This makes a lot of sense, now I will begin tweeting more!