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Lean, Kanban, Agile Pairing, TDD (sometimes test after) software architect and programmer. Worked with distributed (called cloud sometimes) computing services since 2007 using phat data (8 billion rows of data on an AVERAGE day, sometimes called big data) and everything from business intelligence to the nitty gritty of array structures inside file based data stores to create caching tiers for custom software needs. Currently pushing for distributed technologies & improving software architecture, better data centers, the best software development practices and keeping everything secure in the financial industry again. To see what I'm up to today, check out my blog at Composite Code.

3 responses to “ORMs Suck, I’m Asking & I’m Telling”

  1. Erix

    If you’re talking about ORM like Hibernate then you’re right. If you’re talking about richer transformation tools then you’re fully missing the point. What is important in ORM, is not O or R, but M. Mappings are extremely important and probably at the core of any serious system.

  2. Espen Antonsen (@Espen_Antonsen)

    ORMs suck because it is not the perfect tool in those rare cases you need highly complex queries and lightening fast results. Well ok then.

    I will use the best tool for the job. For many apps that would mean developing quicker, safer and easier with an ORM. I do love my SQL but I rarely have the need for it.

    In Rails you can customise the SQL and also perform specific queries if needed. But if I was a developer at Twitter would I then use it to return tweets to the API, nope.

  3. Adron

    Thanks for the feedback all. I’ll have another blog entry pertaining to this soon.