On Vaporware… And Google… And my Need for (Mobile) Speed

android So this is a bit of a rant. I was at the Google IO keynote a month ago and sat transfixed at the Froyo demonstration. The mobile operating system that promised to provide an answer to mobile speed, cancer and early balding. I got my free HTC EVO, sold it and bought a Nexus One fully expecting the update to Android to be available within a few days.

I’m still waiting.

I know that the industry is all about building excitement, and I know other vendors pre-announce coming developments as well. But Froyo was there in the wild and now, more than a month later, I’m yet to see a legitimate upgrade in the wild.

Yes I know I could root the phone and do a custom upgrade – but I want to be able to get a legitimate upgrade, over the air, and still have my warranty.

What gives Google? Please don’t become just another of the vaporware merchants…

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2 responses to “On Vaporware… And Google… And my Need for (Mobile) Speed”

  1. Zoli Erdos

    I wish I could get Froyo on the EVO (hey, it rhymes), but with the HTC Sense add-on it won’t come too fast.

    That said – I believe US N1 users received their update – isn’t that something Google and your carrier in NZ have to work out?

  2. Ben Kepes

    Nah – it’s not available generally in the US either….