8 responses to “The Future of Accounting”

  1. chris Jangelov

    Excellent post. I agree to most of it.
    I just want to add a piece of information regarding Microsoft.

    In an interview with Chief Business Editor Dan Jensen of idg, Denmark, Kirill Tatarinov,Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions says (my translation from danish:
    “Microsoft has decided to withdraw from the market for ERP systems for small businesses.”
    He says this regarding Microsofts decision to kill the product Microsoft Dynamics Entreprenour, aimed att the SMB market 5-20 employees.
    He further says: “As we see it there is no place for a global actor in this market where the local actors hold very strong positions.” …
    “The problem with small businesses is that they don’t grow. That’s why we will concentrate on mid size businesses where we see a good potential for growth”.
    The article, in danish, is here:
    You can find info about Kirill Tatarinov here:

    I’ve heard that MS discovered how difficult this market is just by releasing Microsoft Office Accounting in the US where there are differences between the states. It is now available in a US version and a UK version with no signs of being aimed at other markets. (Well, you never know…)

    /chris Jangelov
    Business Developer at Visma Spcs in Sweden

  2. sethop

    Great post. It all rings true to me. Frankly, anyone bereft of good ideas about where to invest in today’s turbulent times could do a lot worse than XRO on the NZX. I don’t have any shares myself (all my investment is into my own startup) but I know Rod and a few of the others, and I think they’re way undervalued right now, as is the Kiwi Dollar (and by proxy, anything on the NZX).

  3. Dobes Vandermeer

    I’d definitely like to see more standardization in formats and protocols, to allow better integration of SaaS products amongst one another. Eventually SaaS products will be feature bundles you add to your own personal “system” and they all talk to one another automatically. The differentiator becomes the user interface, reporting abilities, and price.

  4. bharathi

    Ya. The future will be for online accounting softwares. View this blog to know why online accounting softwares are better than an accountant.