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Director, OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat. Founder of Rishidot Research, a research community focused on services world. His focus is on Platform Services, Infrastructure and the role of Open Source in the services era. Krish has been writing @ CloudAve from its inception and had also been part of GigaOm Pro Analyst Group. The opinions expressed here are his own and are neither representative of his employer, Red Hat, nor CloudAve, nor its sponsors.

2 responses to “SaaS Risk Reduction – Barack Obama Data Breach and Why We Need to be Smart About SaaS”

  1. Devan


    I believe that this incident is being hyped up to be more than it seems? As far as I know, it was about three employees who checked out Mr. Obama’s billing information without due authority or reason?

    This sort of thing is not really dependent on whether you are a consumer or provider of Saas services? Even my dear old Mother is susceptible to this sort of protocol breach and she hasn’t even got a computer.

    Every day, post office workers, telecom company technicians, police officers, public servants etc. have the ability and knowledge to pull up some sort of transactional history on me. I think in this day and age it is impossible to prevent this (although it is easier to detect), and if you are a public figure, then you are infinitely more attractive as a target!


  2. Krishnan Subramanian

    Thatz exactly my point too. Such risks are everywhere.