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Technology, Design, and Innovation strategist at the Office of the CEO, SAP,  focusing on technology and architecture strategy and strategic operational, product, and management innovation.  Adjunct faculty at Santa Clara University and San Jose State University with the department of computer engineering teaching graduate classes.  Frequent speaker at conferences, special events, Chirag blogs at Cloud Computing.

3 responses to “A Data Scientist’s View On Skills, Tools, And Attitude”

  1. Charlie Crystle (@Ccrystle)


    ” I do strongly believe the tools need to involve to do some of these things and the data scientists should not be spending their time to compensate for the inefficiencies of the tools … but spending time on pulling, fixing, and aggregating data is not the best use of their time.”

    1. Chirag Mehta

      Hi Charlie,

      The analytical and problem solving skills of data scientists are not the best fit for the tasks such as pulling, fixing, and aggregating data. A tool or a set of tools should be able to help with these tasks. I want to see data scientists elevate themselves in the Maslow’s hierarchy and spend more time on analyzing data. I blogged about this topic earlier: