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One response to “Will Obama’s Cyber Warfare Policy Backfire?”

  1. Yoonyoungjo

    This is the absolutely truth. What the government needs to do is monitor all cyber information entering and leaving the US. This way at least it can prevent attacks from the outside. If not monitor all activity entering and leaving the US. At least build a cyber defense firewall that can cut off all connections being made into the US.

    Being no expert on any of this, software, hardware and am merely a casual user of the net. Even I can see the potential danger 5-10 years from now. If our Internet capabilities aren’t at least on par with our physical military….. Then I hate to say it but this country could be in alot of trouble. What good are ground troops, planes, and munitions if you can’t communicate or coordinate any of it.

    Definitely agree with the writer on many of his points. Especially the need to do something and come up with something regarding Cyber capabilities. And not just something, it needs to be as strong as our physical military, if not stronger.