Dan Morrill works in Interactive Media and Cloud delivery systems for Comics Forge as the COO. He has been blogging since 2003 covering different emerging technologies, management and information security. Dan works as a founding member of a number of startups, including Startup Academy International and Dead Tree Comics. His interests are in intellectual property protection, piracy, and information security as it applies to cloud computing. He also has a deep interest in media, mobile computing, and education.. His personal blog is here,  his other pro-blog is here .

3 responses to “F-Secure Moves Security Suite Into the Cloud”

  1. James

    I think you have it a bit wrong. I don’t think the goal of the cloud is to take the load off the PC. Or, as you say “the client even though they are very good computers can not keep up with the demands that are needed to ensure security.”

    It is the security software companies that cannot keep up. The purpose of the cloud, in the practice of some of the better thinking AV companies, is to put the onus on the community to identify bad code, define it, solve it, and share that info with members of the cloud. This is the most effective way to rollout definitions, defend zero day threats and end reliability on the often painfully slow practices of these AV companies when it comes to implementing fixes.