5 responses to “Microsoft Updates Its Windows Live Services”

  1. Yoav Zobel

    Interesting. I think that it won’t be easy for Microsoft to penetrate into the social networking market, even though their Live services just keep improving. The new Hotmail is much better, and SkyDrive and Foldershare are really useful and well designed.
    I’m thinking into moving from Google Apps to Office Live Small Business but it seems as the migration won’t be easy.

    And it also seems that Microsoft is trying to be much more “Googly”, like this amusing statement on Hotmail’s upgrade page:

    We’ve designed Windows Live Hotmail storage to grow with you, but at a reasonable pace. That means you should have plenty of storage unless you suddenly want to store the planet Jupiter on Hotmail, in which case we’ll send you a nice e-mail asking you to please not try to store planets on Windows Live Hotmail (although gradual storage of moons and asteroids is ok).

  2. Eran Kampf

    heheh… the Hotmail team has its humor 🙂

    Anyway, one of the cool features they’ve added to Hotmail is making it an web email client, not limited to Hotmail’s own service. You could configure it to pull and post emails on your Google account using POP3, or to pull all data from that account using POP3 (which certainly makes migration easier…)

    One interesting statistics pointed out at the Israeli Press Conf. is that while Facebook has roughly half a million users in Israel, Messenger has over 2 million.
    Microsoft already has a social network, its only now beginning to realize its size and potential…