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4 responses to “Wake Up People, It’s More than Just Your Twitter Password”

  1. Louise

    This is the first time I have ever come across Twitterank. It does seem like a tempting offer – I always like to know how ‘cool’ I am considered in the social networking sphere but you bring up perfect points in this post-

    A lot of people wouldn’t think twice about putting their credentials into a site (legit or not) and mostly because the information they would share, they share with 60% of other sites as well. NOT a good thing.We do need to think about how the internet is evolving and realize that what was once ok (reusing passwords) is no longer.

    You mentioned Passpack – I work for Passpack : )
    I try to diffuse the importance of poor password habits (just like these in your post) – but I though you may be interested in having a bit more security info on Passpack, so you can be sure that your info is at least 149 trillion times safer in Passpack than it is without:
    (a post from our blog)


  2. mewho

    Yeah, it’s true! There are idiots out there. And thanks to them we get blackhole blacklisting and such. But why should I care about some moron who uses a single password for their accounts. It’s nice to tell them “don’t use your same password” just like we tell people “wash your hands after you use the potty”. Someone doesn’t wash and we all get sick. It happens. Is there a Final Solution? Perhaps. Is it ethical though?

  3. Prasana

    You can use to achieve that. I’m amazed with their useful functions and pushing simplicity, usability and security to the extremes.

    Most importantly, it is open-sourced, and is compatible with all other password utilities you name it.

    2 thumbs up on mashed life.