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5 responses to “How to get your Customers Hate You: Fear Marketing by Spoke Software”

  1. tomanthonydotcom

    I also remember Spoke from “back in the day” as an early example of social networking – but I never found enough use for it to keep it up – then by chance I found a acquaintance’s profile indexed in Google and spotted this post – All I can say to Spoke is “did you fire the person who wrote that ad yet?”

  2. Terri created an inaccurate profile for me without my knowledge that I only discovered by doing a Google search of my name. I have been researching this company and discovering some very interesting information, which directly contradicts information provided in the email you received. Seems like they seriously pad their numbers. Check out my blog if you are interested.

    PS. I also found lots of examples of writing in the style of the letter. I don’t think they would fire the person who wrote that ad. That is just the effect is after: fear and intimidation.