One response to “Enterprises Are Climbing Aboard the Cloud Disruption Train”

  1. Ralph Magro

    I suspect that not many CIOs were completely blind to the time to market benefits of cloud & SaaS offerings over the past few years. Rather, those with an interested to adopt cloud still had to live within the political and budget constraints of recession thinking. Whatever they did they had to be seen to conform with corporate recession strategies. So cloud was justified for cost reasons, whatever the underlying motives, and enabled CIOs to meet their targets.

    If you are now truly seeing an increase in CIOs openly discussing cloud benefits of competitive business development I feel might be a strong indicator that there is an increase in boardroom optimism. If open discussion of change for growth goes unpunished maybe its because others in the boardroom are now looking for that growth and CIOs have a new set of KPIs to meet.
    Not so much a revelation of cloud as a baromoeter of boardroom optimism?
    That would be terrific news for everyone – not just cloud advocates!