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6 responses to “Netbook or Notebook? It’s Not Only About Size.”

  1. Stephen

    “But you will pay for 3G data usage, so why don’t
    carriers subsidize your netbook purchase, like
    they do with cell phones”

    Very prophetic – they do, certainly in Britain.

    I agree with your points and I especially like
    your comment on leaving a netbook as a netbook.
    I agree with this and think that 8GB is about all
    the size that you really need for a working
    machine for the usual office typer type of user.

    The most storage you might need a netbook to do
    is copy photos onto when you travel and to store
    some music.

  2. Zoli Erdos

    Yes, there are now several carrier subsidizied Netbooks at the $99 range, and I think this is *almost* acceptable to certain users, except one major glitch: your subscription should not be device dependent.

    You should be able to pay the monthly fee and enjoy access whether its via the Netbook or a USB stick on another computer, or whatever other device.

  3. brando427

    I like to think that eventually taking the computer outside to do a little job searching or some work will be both convenient and affordable. Free Wireless is difficult to come by and laptops are pretty cumbersome to handle for the most part when your on the go. In addition, 3G network plans are expensive especially when your already paying at home for the rest of the family to have access.

  4. treah

    Nonsense a netbook is just a mini laptop these days with drives up to 150gb. You might have gotten away with the excuse “cant hold a boatload of programs” back when they had 4gb but thats utter nonsense. Most modern day netbooks would rival anything we had 10 years ago on the market. So why these so called experts try and confuse the general public is beyond me. I run my own breed of linux on my s10e which is minimal in the netbook market and it does everything my desktop can do. Using your netbook to only connect to the internet your not using the power of the computer to its full advantage.

  5. Frosty

    Having little snowflakes run across the web page is retarded.