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Lean, Kanban, Agile Pairing, TDD (sometimes test after) software architect and programmer. Worked with distributed (called cloud sometimes) computing services since 2007 using phat data (8 billion rows of data on an AVERAGE day, sometimes called big data) and everything from business intelligence to the nitty gritty of array structures inside file based data stores to create caching tiers for custom software needs. Currently pushing for distributed technologies & improving software architecture, better data centers, the best software development practices and keeping everything secure in the financial industry again. To see what I'm up to today, check out my blog at Composite Code.

One response to “Write the Docs, Proper Portland Brew, Hack n’ Bike and Polyglot Conference 2013”

  1. Shastay

    Documentation is key! Even in those little platforms and CMS developed by digital agencies, ha ha. While I was surprised that you took a stab at our industry, it is important to provide proper documentation not only to the IT staff of any company but also to the actual users. Those are two different types of documents, but both equally necessary. No matter how “simple” a CMS may appear, it is key to provide proper documentation so that even if a company has a high turnover rate, the staff is always prepared at all levels.