3 responses to “KimDotCom”

  1. Matthias (@cloudperforming)

    I agree. Kimdotcom may be egocentric, but still has powerful ideas which make governments fear..

  2. CHaz Hop

    Encryption is NOT cheap (computing power is NOT cheap!!) — every cycle of a processor especially when being watched by a hooman via a screen — costs burning hydrocarbons. period. The ‘Cloud’ currently consumes 13% of the US grid power: when you say cheap, it means global warming, in this context.

  3. Jamie Smith

    It’s so sad that we have to have half of the internet encrypted, but we do! The reality is that the internet just isn’t as safe as it was ten years ago. I remember thinking the same thing, “why spend the money to encrypt this stuff?” Now, you would be a fool not to. But it does get tricky when you get into a government firewall. Although the concept sounds great, it requires a HUGE amount of trust in your government. I’ve always been a pretty optimistic and trusting person, but I’m not sure I could place this much power in the government (for reasons like you said – China, Egypt…).