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  1. Zoli Erdos
    October 21, 2008


    I actually disagree with the diversification argument.

    Businesses would benefit from having integrated solutions from a single provider… yes, I kow, web services, yada yada yada … but until we see it happen, I bet on an integrated package any time.

    The hassle of making individual apps working together, massaging data back and forth is probably more of a productivity loss than the occasional (hopefully rare) outage would cause.

    I think this is true for any business, but especially so for SMB’s that typically don’t have their own IT resources. Having a single provider makes their life a lot easier.

    All that said, I can see why individuals or even small businesses as tech-savvy as you are don’t have a big problem pulling it all together (perhaps even enjoying it) and feel safer having your data diversified :-)

  2. Krishnan Subramanian
    October 21, 2008

    True. I will soon be talking about it too. My point was to highlight the dangers of keeping all eggs in one basket. But I do agree with you.

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