One response to “Don’t Count Microsoft Out of the Public Cloud Race Just Yet”

  1. Tacitus1743 (@Tacitus1743)

    These are great points. It would be a mistake for anyone to count Microsoft out. They have the cash, the commitment at a senior level, and the developer and partner base to be a serious public cloud provider.

    The biggest challenge I see for Microsoft is internal and organizational. As Prof. Clay Christensen notes, successful businesses develop processes built to support a particular business model, and its very difficult to switch gears organizationally to support a new one. How willing are shareholders willing to put up with decreasing profit margins prompted by a push to the public cloud? How willing are the windows and server divisions willing to give up resources to support Microsoft’s public cloud business, especially if it comes at the expense of their own divisions? How much time and energy will that Microsoft enterprise rep. put into selling a public cloud computing deal, when it is still only a tiny percentage of his or her overall quota?