7 responses to “Project Management 2.0: We've seen this shift before”

  1. IanPratt

    This is a great line:

    “The activity of project management is inherently social”

    I had not considered the other activities that a project manager does such as maintaining sponsorship.

    Great post thanks

  2. godzhesas

    I don’t know if you can call 2.0, but i think we started to see the shift towards the social project management awhile, when project management software vendors understood, that withou collaboration features project management software is literally useledd.

  3. Priya

    Its a good analogy between typists, calculators and project managers, which brings to fore the differences.
    PM have social responsibilities, moreover I feel they need people skills which cannot be replaced by a software, hence while the logisitics are managed by project management tools the team morale is dependant on the manager.


  4. gdeles

    I think you have confused projet managers with schedulers. This is a typical misconception that Project Management is only about scheduling and not primarily a communications role. What will improve the management of projects is have the tools enable the execution of projects with out the direct mediation of the PM and to focus more on planning and plan management.

  5. Project Management Form

    i think project management 2.0 is a very viable concept and something that has definitely taken over the PM sphere.

  6. Alex

    “but for which web based SaaS products are the bomb!”
    Disagree. How does PM 2.0 integrate with the mainstream Enterprise collaboration space (currently dominated by Microsoft and IBM Lotus). SaaS products introduce their own proprietary parallel collaboration environments but I can’t imagine Enterprise customers who have invested massively in Microsoft Sharepoint or IBM Lotus Quickr and Notes/Domino, abandon their Enterprise collaboration space to go put their project content in the hands of a third party. This is especially true when you see hundreds of self-proclaimed PM 2.0 SaaS solutions competing to help get projects done.

    Microsoft customers will probably go for a Project Server/Sharepoint solution that and IBM Lotus customers for a ProjExec PM 2.0 solution from Trilog Group ( http://www.triloggroup.com ) that extends IBM Lotus collaboration and social software.

    Furthermore, both Microsoft Sharepoint and IBM Lotus Quickr offer seamless integration with Microsoft Office. This is not the case with the “SaaS bombs” that become extremely painful and limited whenever project documents and files get large enough.

    I’m not trying to discredit the value of SaaS. To the contrary, I think there are really good solutions out there which may be fitting for a lot of small organizations who are not heavily invested in Microsoft or IBM Lotus. It is important to dissociate SaaS from PM 2.0 and know that Enterprise PM 2.0 does exist.