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2 responses to “Google Releases New Zoho Service: Mail with Offline Support”

  1. OakdaleFTL

    Everybody seems to be ‘upgrading’ their webmail, lately… But the most user-
    friendly service -to my way of thinking- remains Gmail; because of its POP
    emulation, I can use the client I prefer (Opera’s M2). No fuss, no muss.

    The Gears connection isn’t all that new. (Think Mr.Postman and other kludges
    that bring your webmail to your desktop.) Will it benefit some? Certainly,
    some who don’t have and wouldn’t know what to do with an email client. What
    doesn’t change about webmail is an interface you must get used to and its
    ‘one-step-at-a-time’ navigation.
    That said, Zoho’s implementation is pretty good.

    Still, it rankles that they write this: “View your mail conversations using
    Conversation View without loosing the existing mails status and order in the
    Inbox View.” People who think a spell-check will keep you from looking stupid
    don’t know the half of it…