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  1. Keith
    May 10, 2013

    You are optimistic that the nature of organizations is changing to one that is less hierarchical and more collaborative. I’m not so sure. I still see a lot of hierarchy, politics, lack of collaboration, fear of collaboration, and working for the paycheck. Oh, and the plural of organization does not end with apostrophe s. The apostrophe serves either as a contraction for “organization is” or as a possessive (as in, “the organization’s unwritten ethos”).

  2. nielsjhansen
    May 13, 2013

    Good post. I also liked the quote made by Claire Flanagan at the J. Boye Intranet conference recently: “It becomes about the tool if you are doing it wrong!” – Which IMHO is exactly why SharePoint customers are struggling with social. I find most of the SharePoint customers to be very technology centric – they are very much aware of the tool they are using, and less so where the limitations are in that.

    If SharePoint is not right for the job, do not try to change it into a better fit, but look elsewhere. Even Microsoft are.

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