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6 responses to “Steve Jobs Panic – the Anatomy of Fake News on Twitter”

  1. Eran Kampf

    Now that’s a way to monetize your twitter account for some stock money… 😉

  2. Zoli Erdos

    Yeah, cam we please do this again, and let me buy in at 95 🙂

  3. Log Management

    What will happen next time when it’s actually true? My guess is Twitter wins again. That thing has impeccable timing. Someone at the scene of the heart attack at Apple will whip out their iphone and tweet the whole deal and then it will spread like wildfire before the news catches wind of it.. guaranteed. Citizen journalism will hopefully save face after that 😉

  4. Krishnan Subramanian

    Good to know that WSJ or other MSM didn’t hit the publish button on Obituary :-). On the serious side, it does raise a question about how mainstream media is going to control the gibberish from real news. A typical example is CBS’ Iphone App based citizen journalism site. Porn and peeking into a woman’s undergarments were posted into their site. Unless it is done right, citizen journalism will take a hit and we will have to go back into the “hold” of mainstream media :-).

  5. joey

    LM, you’re wrong. The first announcement will be the person at the scene who says, “SJ just died”, the stock will plummet, and then a doctor 30 minutes later will say, “No, he was unconscious, turns out he got 2 hours of sleep and is dehydrated. He’s fine.”

    Twitter won’t win. All this technology does is increase volatility, not truth. Some things will always take time to learn the truth.