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VP Enterprise Marketing for PBworks,  first investor in and previously interim CEO of Ustream.TV.  Chris is an active angel investor and the founder and Chairman of the Harvard Business School Technology Alumni Association (HBSTECH). Chris earned two degrees from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His personal blogs are Adventures in Capitalism and Ask the Harvard MBA.

2 responses to “Is Microsoft doomed? I’ll let you know when Windows 10 comes out.”

  1. Frank

    In the ninties when I transitioned from Unix to Windows I thought MS windows would die off leaving Unix as the dominant platform. Unix was more efficient, faster, ran on much more powerful hardware and was more stable. But Windows ran on machines which cost hundreds of dollars while Unix ran on workstations costing thousands of dollars. And Intel chips got faster but Unix workstations stayed expensive, so cheap won out and WinTel took over.
    Things have now changed, MS tablets are the expensive option while Apple and Android are the cheap favorites (running Unix BTW). I don’t see a win for MS in the new scenario, or even a viable exit option. I think MS is at the start of a long downward spiral which no one can stop.

  2. hell wit ms

    Bill Gates doesn’t run the company anymore. The guy who dose is an idiot who only has his job cause he is an old college buddy of gates.

    With the Vista debacle I mostly switched to Linux. With Win7 I partly came back, but they never got back what they lost. Now Win8 has insured I will not be coming back to MS for my computing needs. In tablet land MS is losing to Apple who is well on it’s way to losing to Android. In the gaming world Xbox One is teeing up to be the biggest console failure of all time, basically it’s worse than Win8 as hard as that is to imagine.

    In the past when MS failed it could stay afloat because in the beginning they’re competition were either terrible business men(Jobs) or even more technologically inept (IBM) than MS. Later they were able to defeated companies Netscape though shear monopoly power. Now MS has real competition and they are failing on many different fronts simultaneously. Unlike the past MS is locked in a declining trend not a misstep or two.

    So yes MS is doomed.