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Director, OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat. Founder of Rishidot Research, a research community focused on services world. His focus is on Platform Services, Infrastructure and the role of Open Source in the services era. Krish has been writing @ CloudAve from its inception and had also been part of GigaOm Pro Analyst Group. The opinions expressed here are his own and are neither representative of his employer, Red Hat, nor CloudAve, nor its sponsors.

11 responses to “Questions To Ask Before Trusting a Cloud Vendor”

  1. jamesurquhart

    This is an excellent collection of the issues that have been identified to date. I think the questions of data ownership, data rights and SLA (including what technologies they provide to support measuring SLAs) are the ones most often overlooked. Check out the Cloud Computing Bill of Rights at for a laundry list of these types of issues.

  2. Krishnan Subramanian

    Thanks James for your comment. I will check it out.

  3. Macel Legaspi

    Availability – What good is an online application if it is not available?

    Security – Need I say more?

    Reliability — This is kind of related to #3 in the Five cloud-computing questions article, ensuring things are running in tip-top shape

    Excellent post.

  4. Tara Kelly

    Excellent, excellent list.

  5. Pankaj

    Very good article, and you list very important factors that MUST considered. Since the dependence on a SaaS vendor is going to be continuous, its very important that rigorous criteria be applied before subscribing. We had ourselves done a whitepaper on “SaaS Vendor Selection” you may be interested to look at –

  6. DMAC

    Well done. Just read an article on selling SaaS that just totally missed the target. Hopefully they will read your article and re-think their SaaS selling guidance.