5 responses to “You Can’t Automate Your Way to the Cloud”

  1. john golke

    great article Rakesh.

  2. Richard Muirhead (@richardmuirhead)

    Hi Rakesh…I take your point that automation is necessary but not sufficient to achieve ‘cloud like’ levels of industrialisation in IT. For sure standardisation, codification, best practice of all the building blocks is needed too. However you omit to mention another key element: organisational redesign. Perhaps the hardest and most significant shift. Best RIchard.

  3. Rakesh Malhotra

    Excellent point Richard and I agree. In fact, if you’re focused on automation, by definition you aren’t thinking about organizational redesign and expectation calibration. It’s like trying to fly to the moon on a passenger jet. You’ll show great progress at first and feel like it’s working but you’ll inevitably fall short.

  4. Alex

    I think it is important to make any technology migration in small steps and then analyze before you make your next step. This ensures that you minimize your risks.