4 responses to “Has the Time Come for Cloud Insurance?”

  1. James cage

    Interesting take on the need to insure data residing on the cloud. Read an interesting whitepaper about privacy and security of data on the cloud that readers will find useful “Cloud risks striking a balance between savings and security” @ http://bit.ly/ZFPu1l

  2. Greg Hodgkiss

    Hi Scott. Cloud Insurance is already here. Its being rolled out across the world as we speak by Data Insurance LIcensing Ltd, Lloyds, ACE Insurance, Aegis Insurance, and Lockton Group , in the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia and NZ. SNIA is currently working with us in preparation. It is a new patented and IP protected global standard and IT systems middleware on managing data by the data industry in such a way that the underwriters can now take a risk on the data. Many other global insurers are now working with the above group to get ready to sell it. See :- http://www.datainsurance.org . Please contact us for further information. Thank you. Greg Hodgkiss. Chairman Data Insurance LIcensing Ltd.

  3. imagoproducts

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  4. John Sullivan (@sullivanjohn78)

    Cloud insurance may be the future, but it’s still early days right now. As mentioned in the post, cloud computing is fraught with various kinds of risks and early adopters need to be prepared for these risks. In the meanwhile, insurance technology is growing leaps and bounds and becoming more sophisticated by the day. Insurance software providers like Majescomastek (http://www.majescomastek.com/) are taking the lead in offering cutting edge technology solutions for carriers to help them stay competitive and relevant in today’s market.