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Telecom/VoIP/UC/Mobility enthusiast. Blogolyst, Consultant, and Analyst publishing independent telecom and UC research at TalkingPointz. Dave is CEO of Verge1 which offers independent analysis and interpretation of business communications systems and technologies. Dave works with the major vendors, end users, and media sources. His independent research is available for download at Dave regularly contributes to this site and other major sites focused on communications. His blog PinDropSoup is one of the most popular independent telecom oriented blogs on the web.

One response to “Microsoft and Me”

  1. Henri Koppen

    I really like you quote: “I’ve never been a fan of the walled garden, but I think it’s time to trade fantasy for reality. All the gardens seem to have a wall, or at least a fence.”

    It’s the same with PRISM, I really hate the idea that my private information is one search away from some US organisation. However, I have a business..

    I agree on the Google changing all the time “Google gives and Google takes away”. On the other hand, Google Apps has been freakin’ stable and reliable. If you live in a browser Office365 is a pain and working together in a broader perspective than one organisation is just not easy with Microsoft.

    So I am really curious how you will be faring next months, love to read the follow-up.