5 responses to “Rethinking IT Transformation for the Cloud”

  1. Dinesh Mehra

    This is a very good article. IT as we know it , is changing and will continue to change. IT needs to become an enabler of Business, more service oriented and a broker of various services, on-prem and off. What worked for traditional IT won’t always work for Cloud based IT. New mindset, new tools and a new strategy is needed.

  2. Charles Araujo (@charlesaraujo)

    Scott – Nice post. This is very much in line with my work and what I am shouting from the rooftops, every chance I get! I authored a book called The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change. It carries many of the same messages and, I hope, serves as a siren call to IT professionals everywhere to embrace this new era and to lead the change forward. Thanks for stepping out there. We need as many of us as possible getting the message out there.


  3. John Dixon (@dixonjp90)

    Great post, Scott. I like the perspective of traditional IT transformation efforts in the context of delivering IT services. I had been thinking about the evolution of IT from an “order taker” mentality to a “sophisticated order taker,” to a building IT services, and finally to a broker of IT services — the last of which looks a lot like a supply chain for IT. The prescription you suggest, particularly to use an iterative approach, is right on.

    1. Scott Bils

      Thanks John, appreciate it!