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Principal of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy. Jacob works with mid and enterprise organizations on developing customer and employee engagement strategies. He is also the co-author of Twittfaced, a social media 101 book for business. Jacob authors a Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 blog.

One response to “What is Advocacy?”

  1. Lateef

    You’re asking all of the right questions. One definition of advocacy I would add is an advocate recommends buyers, not just browsers. An advocate who recommends one buyer is infinitely more valuable than someone who recommends 10 browsers. Its a big help for a company to know which of their advocates can “ring the cash register”.

    For DirecTV specifically, they operationalize this with a referral bonus of $100. Their process is clunky and lacks automation, but that’s how they do it.

    I develop tools to automate these processes so any and all are encouraged to contact me to further the discussion, this stuff fascinates me.