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15 responses to “Fixing the Battery Problem your Android Smartphone Seems to Have”

  1. Dave

    Question about charging with the Evo powered on. Does it stop charging when it reaches a “false full” or will it continue to charge until actually fully charged? I am interested in the Evo, but can’t see myself being happy powering down completely just to get a full charge.

  2. Zoli Erdos


    My experience is with the Incredible, although I assume they are in many ways identical.

    I *think* it stopped charging, i.e. the led changed from red to green. Definitely got a lot more mileage out of it charged in OFF state.
    But if it’s software, we know it’s fixable 🙂

  3. seth

    If you want to know exactly what program is keeping your phone awake you can go to the battery history in android. To do this on my HTC Hero you can go to the phone and dial “*#*#4636#*#*” and after you press the last star it will automatically come up with a list of options. From that list select battery history, then click the top drop down bar that says “other usage,” or at least that’s what it starts at on mine, and select “partial wake usage.” That should bring up a list of applications with bars across the screen. Anything with a bar more than barely visible is probably using more than it should be-try uninstalling it or changing some settings on it.

    If you dial that on the phone and it doesn’t do anything try going to the market and downloading “spare parts.” that will give you the battery history option and then you can follow the directions above from there.

    This process, while it might seem a little complicated, should save you a lot of time uninstalling apps, just guessing which application is using your up time, this way you’ll know exactly which application(s) is(are) keeping your phone awake.

  4. Zoli Erdos

    Seth, the EVO gives a lot of history, with very detailed stats. My impression was that I got a little less detail on the Incredible (or I have not discovered them).
    However, the program which in my case was a major culprit (OK, a suspect) did not show on the list, it just “silently” kept the phone awake.

  5. Dave123

    i can’t use trick number 1. My Droid turns on automatically when it is plugged in. I was told this was to regulate the current. Is that true?

    1. Pascal Schröder

      Hello Dave123,
      can you tell me which smarthphone you have.
      I need a Smartphone with this functionallity and with Android OS.

      I hope you can help me

  6. ricola

    Could you go ahead and tell us which programs are the guilty party so we can narrow down faster? Thanks.

  7. Phil

    Nice article! It’s nice to see someone actually try to offer a real solution other than complain. Looking forward to trying this solution on my own EVO this Friday!!

  8. SCB

    The task killer you want is Automatic Task Killer. It extends my EVO battery so much without user intervention!!!!

    Try it, and you’ll see.

  9. Scott082

    I tried checking my battery stats, its not showing any apps running to keep my phone awake. And yet my awake time is 100% I’ve had the phone about a week, and it was fine till 2 days ago. I even deleted all my apps I’ve downloaded, still nothing… any ideas?

  10. nickcharb

    @scott082 i have the same problem. Battery life is significantly reduced over the last few days. Awake time is 100%. I wonder if the recent OTA update contributed to this…?

  11. nickcharb

    Scott08. I have the same issue. Just over the last few days the battery life fell dramatically. Charged all night and down to less than 50 percent by mid morning. 100% awake time! I wonder if the recent OTA update did something to cause this?

  12. JayJersey83

    I really don’t understand the second part, Like where would I go to find out this wake and such? I’m sorry I’m really bad with tech. and any apps you know for sure that are a no no on the evo? Thank you so much

  13. Inforfilia

    Talking Battery is the first Android application that informs you about the amount of available battery energy via voice messaging. don´t fix the problem but helps.

  14. Calle_2007

    Hello Dave123,
    can you tell me which smarthphone you have.
    I need a Smartphone with this functionallity and with Android OS.

    I hope you can help me