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Co-Founder, CTO at Cloudscaling.  Since 1990, Randy has driven innovations in infrastructure, IT, operations, and 24×7 service delivery. He was the technical visionary at GoGrid and built the world’s first multi-cloud, multi-platform cloud management framework at CloudScale Networks. He led the open-licensing of GoGrid's API, which inspired Sun Microsystems, Rackspace Cloud, VMware and others to open-license their cloud APIs. Randy blogs @ Cloudscaling blog, is recognized by The Next Web as one of the 25 Most Influential People Tweeting About Cloud, is frequently interviewed and speaks at dozens of industry events annually.

2 responses to “2013 Was YEAR ONE for OpenStack”

  1. Paul Calento (@pcalento)

    With hybrid cloud deployments expected to double by 2017 (Gartner), OpenStack is in a position to benefit from that demand. But a critical component isn’t just the OpenStack community itself, but the choice of partner of the implementing organization. Technology choice is only one factor. –Paul Calento

  2. Ofir Nachmani

    Randy – Sounds good and I am really happy to hear that things goes great for you.. from the outside things dont look so great – check my last on cloudave –
    OpenStack: A Community Torn Apart – Freedland, Bias and Scoble –