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Cloud Computing Evangelist, Blogger and Lecturer at Ofir has extensive experience helping ISV companies with cloud adoption and management. Today, Ofir is a Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Newvem. Prior to this Ofir led ClickSoftware's On-Demand initiative and established the company cloud offering. He also held several positions at Zarathustra - SaaS development, including the company CEO.
The thoughts are his own and don’t represent anyone or anything he is currently associated with.

4 responses to “Cloud Model 2014: Hybrid, Google, Brokerage, Startups and The Enterprise”

  1. Paul Calento (@pcalento)

    Agree that “enterprises finally began recognizing the term ‘cloud'” … but the trend for 2014 is that cloud will further evolve into a vendor-centric term, as cloud computing becomes further mainstream. What we called cloud in 2011/2012/2013 will now merely be known as “IT” … and it will be of a hybrid variety. –Paul Calento