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10 responses to “Does Sprint Limit Using Google Voice?”

  1. jmasondotnet

    I know I have the Samsung Moment, running Android 2.1 with a current Google Voice and I have all 4 options. Just thought I would let you know.

  2. Zoli Erdos

    Thanks, which carrier?

  3. LVWolfman

    On my release EVO, I moved my Google Voice number over from my HTC Mogul to the new number on the EVO. I had all four options from day 1. BTW, the international call wording is on the “Toggle Google Voice” shortcut for those who want to change their options on the fly. Nothing new there.

    The other thing for folks to remember, which I certainly didn’t, is that you’ll only dial with the Google Voice number if you dial 1 and the area code first. Dialing a local number with just seven digits (as I did when testing), GV will not handle the call.

  4. eric

    This is the exact feature I was looking for. I’m going to guy a android phone from sprint. I hope they still support google voice.
    Instead of buying more peak minutes I’d rather use skype or google voice.

    Does anyone know how the quality of google voice or skype works on these phones?
    how about while driving?

  5. Mo

    Ok well sprint will not let you use it because then they will loose millions of dollars, everyone would cancel the call and text account and only have internet.

    SO any ways if you root your EVO phone so take off the sprint android system and reinstall a fresh 2.2 android system it should work. And also you phone will run the full 1g prossecor instead of running half like it does with all the crap sprint loads on it.

    1. Michelle Williams

      Hi I don’t get any incoming calls with caller id. If I remove the Google app will it help? What 2.2 program should I get? And a last question which all us the Google Voice? I don’t like this phone ugh o_0

  6. Danny G

    The app allows for outgoing calls.

  7. Jonathan

    Using google voice uses my land line anytime minutes. I thought it was free. I thought I was using my 3g and 4g but I was using up my 450 land line 7am to 7pm minutes.

  8. Jason

    Just an FYI – for anyone using Google Voice as an outbound call for Sprint. Sprint treats that as calling a landline (which eats into your Anytime minutes) – because the way GV works, it actually calls GV, then GV acts as an intermediary and connects you to the number you’re trying to dial- so you are in fact calling a landline anytime you dial out using GV.

    That could be a big fat huge phone bill if you’re not paying attention.

  9. bernard S. Jr.

    this will shock you. i have a htc evo running to boostmobile. i activated pay as you go, 10cents per min call & 10cents per text since am not a heavy minutes user. what surprises me when i use google voice forwarded all calls to my htc evo. My incoming calls are all FREE. so if i missed a call, i call back using a landline but if i get all the chance, i answer all my incoming calls.