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6 responses to “OpenDNS? Google DNS? Comcast? Surprising Results.”

  1. nikolay

    Of course your ISP’s DNS will be the fastest – it’s the closest to you. OpenDNS has never advertised itself as faster than your ISP’s; Google tried at some point, but I think its focus was still security and reliability. Regarding which is faster – OpenDNS or Google Public DNS – I think results will vary based on the person’s ISP. I personally am with Google’s and I don’t think a few or less milliseconds make a big deal. I just trust Google more (they know enough about me already), don’t trust OpenDNS enough, and Cox (my ISP) definitely is not an option as they try to monetize things such as unresolvable domain names and probably others.

  2. Ruslan

    this is not working in Ukraine

  3. davidu

    It’s worth pointing out, in addition to the excellent comment above, that you aren’t comparing apples to apples when comparing my service with the rest. We offer a custom DNS solution that, even with our customizations, is often faster than the rest.

    And as pointed out above, a 5ms different will never be perceptible to you. Pretty good considering we aren’t even peered with the Comcast network. 🙂

  4. schultzter

    Yeah, I’ve got to agree with nikolay, your ISP’s DNS is probably faster because it’s closer.

    But OpenDNS and Google are not (at least they say) going to hijack your query responses for their own benefit and inject crap into the responses.

    Also, OpenDNS offers much more than DNS resolution. I never used the features and I switched to Google (for grins) but OpenDNS is a great service.

  5. buoytan

    I was a long time OpenDNS user but have found that there has been an increase in service outages. No doubt that OpenDNS WAS a very reliable service (and for free on top!). It’s a shame that haven’t been able to keep that up…

  6. jonny rocket

    opendns and google dns are sh!t. too many people are starting to use them and bogging them down. i use level 3: and