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Principal of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy. Jacob works with mid and enterprise organizations on developing customer and employee engagement strategies. He is also the co-author of Twittfaced, a social media 101 book for business. Jacob authors a Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 blog.

3 responses to “What is the Real Value of Social CRM (SCRM)?”

  1. Zoli Erdos


    I absolutely agree, Customer care by Twitter is the exception, handling all those exceptions will eventually become very expensive for companies, who are better off fixing their processes in the first place.
    A somewhat older post on the subject: Can Social Media Customer Care Scale? Should it Scale?

  2. Russell Palmer

    Jacob, I agree for the most part with your points. Companies should be serving their customers properly in the first place, and that is not new. Twitter etc. just gave customers another, more immediate and direct way to highlight issues. Let’s hope that companies do not respond in the same way that they have with customer care in the pre-twitter world. i.e. make it as difficult as possible for a customer to bring issues to the attention of the company. Hour and a half lines in the local office, an hour on hold listening to muzak, contact forms buried in the small print on web sites.

    Also, it should be remembered that social networks can be used for positive contact too. Here is a prime example from @swonderlin

    The good thing about social networks is that as a propective customer, I can see what other customers say about the company and it’s products or services and about their customer service. this does lay the ground for the “he who shouts loudest” people, but most of us are astute enough to know when someone is just blowing hot air and when someone has a legitimate complaint. Companies should realise that too.