4 responses to “Rounding the Bend – Free Tix to GlueCon”

  1. DebInDenver

    I have three reasons:
    1. Emerging Cloud Thought Farmer
    2. Can be pacesetter for official #tweetrun
    3. Will add diversity- I am female and from Denver.

    If three reasons won’t stick, I could come up with a few more…


  2. joshfraser

    I’ll give it away to a friend since I just forked over my own money to buy a ticket today.

  3. Jordan Glasner

    I put all my billable time into building a way to automatically scale Heroku apps, and now I can’t afford admission 🙂

  4. Ben Kepes

    @Jordan – you were pipped at the post… sorry about that. Keep watching this space though