3 responses to “Google Instant makes SEO Irrelevant? Who cares?”

  1. Bob Warfield

    Steve, here is the scary thing:

    Increasing the sameness by making everyone more likely to do the same search instead of different searches will harm your performance on both PPC advertising AND on content searches.


    Because it effectively reduces the shelf space of slots available for searches to lead to. That shelf space will be quickly dominated by the biggest players. The WSJ already has a post out showing how this is true for all single character searches.

    The advantage of the Long Tail is that some people would stumble onto your content, not because Google is always the best at finding it, but simply because lots of people were searching in lots of different ways. If we reduce the breadth of that net by encouraging those people to all start using the same Google-generated Instant Searches, the net finds less content.

    I’ll be doing a follow up to my original post to discuss the ramifications of Instant Search further.



  2. Steve Sinclair

    SOE is not dead! In fact if anything it is now much more competitive Google instant will change things but we must all be prepared to dance to googles tune. But how do we look at our marking strategy differently? Key words/phrases are still as important as ever but content is ultimately the most important factor. Do we now need to analyse what predictions are being produced and optimize for this? Can we optimise for individual characters?

    I think we must look at each marketing campaign differently. The majority of people are not able type and look at the screen at the same time. Therefore depending on the type of person that is attracted to your site must influence your marketing strategy.

    Personally I relish this leap forward, we live in an ever changing “virtual” world and we must all adapt or fall foul of the consequences.