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4 responses to “Microsoft Should Donate PowerPoint to the Taliban”

  1. Roland Hesz

    I think that blaming the tool is missing the point by a mile.
    Those who build these horrible presentations would do a similarly awful job no matter what they use – PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, printed flipcharts, whatever.

    The problem is not PowerPoint. Have anyone seen Steve Jobs presentations? Keynote is the same a PowerPoint, and his presentations are good.
    He knows how to build and give a good presentation.

  2. Zoli Erdos


    Obviously this is not a “serious post” – there is a reason why I used the category “just for fun” 🙂
    That said, I agree, the issue is not which tool is used, it’s all about heavy reliance on a tool, to the point that a polished slide-deck is no longer an aid to delivering a message, it becomes the ultimate objective itself.
    There’s a lot to be said about it in a less-lightweight post, but to your point about Steve Jobs, you may want to read this.