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Internet software executive and popular cloud blogger at Chaotic Flow, B2B Marketing Strategy, and Cloud Ave, Joel is well known for his work in SaaS business models, sales and marketing strategy, and financial metrics. Professionally, he has managed global sales and marketing organizations serving over 50 countries, including local offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, and India. He holds degrees in physics from Caltech and Cornell and received his MBA from the University of Chicago.
Joel York is currently VP Marketing at Meltwater Group and Principal at the Internet startup consulting firm affinitos.

2 responses to “SaaS Sales Commission Calculator for Long Term Contracts”

  1. David


    Thank you for this great post.

    One thing is not clear to me – from the example above, where there is an initial sales of $12,000 in ARR. How come the sale LTV is around $37K monthly and $42K annually ? Also, if I reduce the capital cost to %1(never mind why) the sale LTV crosses $100,000… something doesn’t make sense for me… how come it reaches these numbers ?


  2. Michael

    I am confused why this article has such a narrow scope. Why do thees calculations only apply to SaaS sales..? Otherwise, great posting.

    Sales Commission