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Principal of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy. Jacob works with mid and enterprise organizations on developing customer and employee engagement strategies. He is also the co-author of Twittfaced, a social media 101 book for business. Jacob authors a Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 blog.

6 responses to “American Airlines Hates Its Customers!”

  1. davemichels

    An interesting and stressful story.

    The problem I have these stories is CO becomes and hero and AA and UA are the villains – but it could be just as easy the other way.

    I don’t think these airlines have as much control over their brand as you suggest. I think it is the individual employees.

    However, I have noticed that overall UA employees seem less interested in being helpful.

  2. skysteward

    Hi Jacob,

    I’ve flown for American for 23 years and all I can say on behalf my colleagues at American that care about our customers is that I am sorry and very concerned. As much as we try to make things go right, it seems like I’ve seen situations like this more than any of us would like to and I thank you for speaking out. It is unacceptable for anyone to have experienced this type of ordeal when in our care and hopefully your story will serve as a wake up call.

    Please let me know if you do not receive a satisfactory response from American Airlines Customer Relations so that I can do my best to assist you.

    All the best,
    Gailen David
    Jetiquette/The Sky Steward

  3. zoli

    This story reminded me of a Christmas vacation long ago, when the supposedly 3+ hour flight from San Jose to Los Cabos turned out to take 1 1/2 day, including a cab ride from Sjose to Oakland and overnight sleep at a Phoenix airport motel. Overbooking and chaos by Alaska Airlines.

    We could all tell stories, but it’s not one or two airlines in particular: it’s the system.

    Don’t ever book your trip on multiple airlines, at least not on domestic flights. You give them a free ride to dump you as their responsibility.

  4. Lenny

    American Airlines is the worse airline in North America today and it just getting worse and worse. Just look at all the complains to AA from customers that AA ignores. AA don´t give a rat´s ass about their passengers since they know most of them have no choice then flying with them. If it was the other way around AA would be out of business long ago. No one with at least two braincells would pick AA today over other airlines. Their staff most be the worlds most rude and incompetent staff out there, i don´t know must be the first thing they teach you at AA training to say. The only way we customers is going to make this madness stop is just to tell everyone out there to not spend their money on AA and just stop flying with them no matter what. That´s the only way we can make this pathetic airline to go out of business. Screw our customers, better to spend our money on bonuses for our board members and a big fat check to the bastard CEO. For me, i have boycott AA for all future and so has my family and friends and the word is out there. Don´t fly AA.

  5. Darren

    I booked 3 tickets from Hawaii to Moline, IL spending over $2,000. When my flight from Chicago home was cancelled I had to find a way to get home. I thought, no problem, I’ll just get the money back for that part of my trip. BULL ****!!!!! After driving hours with my 2 year old and waiting over a month now I still have no answer. The phone wait time is always over 30 minutes and when I do wait I just get the run around or get hung up on before I even get to talk to someone. I will never use this airline again. I too am boycotting this airline. All of the employees that I have talked to have no clue about customer service.

  6. Chidude40

    hummm where do i start.. my flight is 6 hours late, the united flight left hours ago, the plane is filthy ( and I am in first class) the gate agents are worthless, the club agents are worthless…the flight attendents and the ulgyest, meanest layest ever I have know… AA knows why we fly.. yeah right so they can screw us… they make USAirways look like a shinning star.. and we know they suck big time god help us please