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3 responses to “GOutlook. Gmail Back to Earth… in Search of Revenue.”

  1. bruno

    Conversations are great but Gmail conversations are just POORLY implemented, let’s face it!
    Look at Zoho Mail implementation and you’ll see what I mean: on Zoho Mail you can expand each single message and easily see replies organized in a hierarchical view while maintaining the standard email reader layout.It’s no way a “either conversation or plain old boring mail” like Google is saying today, there are ways to have the best of both worlds.

    With Gmail if you have several recipients replying to a message…the thread gets messy and difficult to follow, no hierarchical organization whatsoever, risks of marking as read a conversation instead of a message and even worse: **google groups messages by subject title!!** what a crazy idea!! Completely different messages grouped because they have the same title!!??

    It’s not about corporates, it’s about people that have different needs/behaviors, and there is nothing wrong with Google trying to improve the service, they just need some more inspiration…. 🙂