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One response to “The lack of IT graduates has deep implications for the US Military”

  1. Kyle Cordes

    There is a big issue with all manner of jobs involving any level of secrecy:

    You can’t talk about them. You can’t blog about the work. You can’t write publishable papers about the work. You might not be able to list the jobs in full detail on your resume; and even if you can, you can’t talk about all that amazing secret work you did when someone asks.

    What that means, is that once you’ve spent more than a few years inside that kind of work, you don’t have the tools to build a strong reputation, a reputation that could lead to lots of great career paths across all of “open” industry. Instead, your only good remaining career paths are those hidden behind the “secret” wall.

    So, to recruit people in, it is necessary to convince them that not just the first job is good, but that a whole career in that field will be good. Without some very convincing data about salaries and so forth, that’s a very tough sell.