3 responses to “Introducing SAP StreamWork: New Decision Collaboration”

  1. Mike Riversdale

    Advertising is fine but can ya let us know when an article is also an ad, cheers

  2. Zoli Erdos


    I invited Timo as syndicated guest blogger and I’m glad he accepted as I think he brings color we had previously been missing.
    We don’t really have “big enterprise” represented here, and if you read his previous posts, you see he talks about news of innovative services / mashups / concepts like Twitter within PowerPoint, Augmented Reality and the like. Most of what he writes about is actually quite peripheral to “mainstream SAP” so I don’t think of it as advertising at all. (And just to clarify there certainly isn’t any fiancial relationship between SAP and CloudAve).
    Thanks for reading – and hey, we’re missing you as contributor, too 🙂